Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday BeFunky World View

The view from my back porch. Sometimes we see egrets and big turtles. Sometimes when it rains really hard, little crabs find their way into my living room.
The sky has been extra wonderful lately, the clouds skipping and scattering into my dreams.

Who knows when this gate was broken? Perhaps the vines needed more air & light.


  1. Susan, I love your porch view! You must have fantastic night sounds!
    Another great post of photos :D
    PS Had to stick around for the whole song, Babylon - I ♥ David Gray

  2. Oh that top one! What a view. Clouds? Love them. And I always love your gates. Iron gates and fences are right up there with tin ceilings for me.

  3. What a wonderful view! But crabs in the living room?!? Thanks God for the Central European climate. Just big spiders, annoying flies, buzzing mosquitoes... something like paradise. ;-)

    The clouds are nice and the gate is a bit mysterious to me. Maybe a creature from fairy tales wants to go in. Who knows. Maybe we will see it in your next photo! :-)

    By the way, lovely design!!! I missed this old one for a while, but this new one is really beautiful! :-)

  4. Happy Friday, Susan! What a WONDERFUL view you have! So serene ... all of nature in its glory! I would love to see turtles ... I remember when living in Florida, little crabs would come out of their wholes and spy on me as I was laying in the sun. As soon as I would move, the whole beach was a scatter, for they were scurrying back into their holes! It was a game we could play for hours!

    I LOVE that old gate!!! OMG! The charm of faded grandeur ... How fortunate you are to have such beauty to behold ... I envy you! :))) ~ Wishing you a most beautiful weekend, my sweet friend!

  5. P.S. LOVE this new background! SO YOU!!

  6. Susan, what a fabulous view from your back porch, not sure about the crabs though, lol. The gate and greenery is just lovely, love the shabby, vintage feel to this image - what secrets does the garden hold, who has stepped through it's portals....

  7. I am really jealous of your back garden! sounds like you live in a humid place? That's what I miss!!

  8. Great photos! Every time I try Befunky my internet shuts down! most frustrating!