Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ATC's Around the World Challenge

Today I read the latest post at The Shabby Chic Bohemian which is the beautiful home of Sharon. I was truly touched and wanted to share the story of Beth Meador who is a wonderful artist with only 1% of her vision remaining. Following is almost exactly what Sharon wrote, because I couldn't say it better:

Beth has retinitis pigmentosa which means that she suffers from retinal degeneration and will lose her sight completely eventually. Her challenge is to get her art and her story out all over the world, to raise awareness of this and similar conditions, for which there is no cure, before she loses her sight completely. She is a member of the Milliande artist group and she put out a call for people willing to receive an ATC from her with the aim to get to as many regions of the world with her story. If you are a member of the group and live in an area of the world where there are not too many artists (so not the UK, USA, Canada, etc.) she would particularly like to hear from you. However, I did notice on her page that she has sent multiple cards to some of the more "common" countries. If you are not a member, but would like to find out more about this project and Beth's progress, please use the links provided below. Please help her to reach her goal and spread the word. Thank you.

You can check out the Millande artist group at: and look at Beth's page directly at
The Shabby Chic Bohemian is at and it's a lovely place to hang out a while!


  1. Good evening, Susan! I thought I clicked on the wrong link ... but you have revamped your site! It so fresh looking!! :) Another Woeful Wednesday is close to closing ... I am looking forward to a good book and some candlelight tonight! ~ Wishing you a night full of stars to wish upon!!

  2. I had a look, I'd be in a complete panic watching my eyesight leave me - she's an inspiration. Too bad she already sent to Ohio, I would have loved to swap with her :(

  3. This is such a sad disease, but she is truly inspiring and I would love to swap with her. I'll check out the link you left and thank you!!

  4. Hi Susan, thank you so much for putting Beth's challenge out there, hopefully more people will see it and get involved. And thanks for the heads up about my little blog, you really are very sweet. Loving the new look blog, it really gives your blog a whole new feel. Off to have a look at other posts :)