Friday, February 26, 2010

The story of my life....

How simple & difficult life's been reflected in a tryptych. Acrylic & Tarot cards on wood.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2009 Learning to Let Go Journal

I used this journal to write in the evenings or whenever I felt that I needed to. All pastels and markers. The paper is made from panda poo poo. I swear that's what it says.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Mother's Hands

My mother's hands are long and wise,
they cover acres of time,
and in my mind
they are flowers
blooming and wilting and
blooming again.

Red House

My mother's favorite piece & an ode to Michalopolous.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Collections from the Journey

Wanted to preserve my favorite postcards from friends, and still be able to see both sides.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Travels through Postcards

Key Largo with Liz. 1987Belize with David. 2003
Honduras with David. 1994
Paris with Jimmy & Karen 1978
Dominican Republic with David. 2009
Puerto Rico with David. 2008
Mexico with David 2007
Germany & Austria with David 2006
Italy with David. 2006
Panama with David. 2005
Nicaragua with David. 2004
Nashville, Ashville, Gatlinburg, etc. with David 2001
New Orleans with David. 1998-99
Venezuela with David. 1996
Peru 1995.
Love, love, love. David & I: married.
Guatamala with David. 1991.
Folly Beach, SC with David. 1989
Peru & Ecuador with David. 1988
Spain with Sandy, Scott & Frank. 1980
Italy with Nicole, Linda & Lynette. 1979

The After Damage

Unfortunately, it looks like this quite often.

MHS Travelling Journal

These were done for the Mannheim High School travelling journal. They were done with pictures, glue, pastels, Crayola blow pens, bought scrapbook items. Sadly, I have not been able to find the blow pens for sale anymore, and they were fabulous.

Pantry Cabinets

I painted these kitchen pantry doors to spice up our life. I was trying to go for that Spanish flavor. Not sure that I achieved that, but I am happy with the results.

Wedding Invitation 1995

Done by my husband & me. We each cut out at least 50 items from magazines, and then narrowed it down by bargaining with each other.


Decopauge & Acrylics. A friend of ours gave us the bookshelf in pretty bad condition. I loved the style though, so cleaned, sanded & painted it one weekend. Decoupaged the next. However, it was silly to decoupage the shelf, since you can't see it if I use it, and it's not really useful, if I can't use it.

Ode to Ophelia Tryptch

Decopauge/Watercolor/Acrylic on Wood. I love the story of Ophelia, the Pre-Raphaelite painters that did her justice, and WOOD! :)

Box of Dreams for Andrea

This is a cigar box that was gift from South America. Before I even started decorating it, I thought it was a box of dreams, so voila! And who better to give a box of dreams to than my friend, Andrea.
Decopauge/acrylics, Corona bottle tops, scrapbooking items inside.

Valentine Postcard Tin

I now have over 220 postcards from around the world through They are all incredible, and combine my love of art, postcards, travel & people!
The white wicker basket to the left of the red tin is filled with postcards I have on hand to send out to people.

Wall of Color

These are all items done on wood. Some painted, some decoupaged, some both. I like to work on wood because it seems more forgiving.

Gift Reunion Books - Lynette & Laura

For my old High School friends that came to visit in September 2009. I made these for them & put them in a basket with some Charleston cookies, and German cookies, along with a tourist guide to Charleston.