Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yesterday a Child Came out to Wander

Thanks to Joni Mitchell for the lyrics of my life and to David for making my Beacon Hill dream come true. All the inspiration I needed on a Friday night, as well as the seasons going 'round and 'round. (p.s. Annie's music, as well).


  1. Good morning Susan! Indeed, we woman do ROCK!!

    Love the arch around the upper window ... the awesome corbel, and all the detail work. Truly the essence of an old Victorian. The colors are luscious ...

    The verse is lovey ... I love the line, "we're captive on a carousel of time." Perfect!!! SO true, we can't go back, we can only look behind. Those words touched me deeply. ~ What a wonderful post, my friend! :)

  2. Such a sweet inspiring post. Susan, I just love your houses! (I think I might have said that before but this calls for me to say it again!)

  3. what a fantastic combination of words and image!

  4. I like your houses. Of course, I like your colours, too.
    And you remind me of Joni Mitchell. I am going to buy some of her CD´s. :-)