Saturday, May 15, 2010

A House in Chalkis, Greece

I guess you have to have an open mind for this one, because my husband said the cracks underneath the window look like a giant clam shell. Now that's all I can see.


  1. Oh husbands, what to do with them!? This is lovely, and all I see is a beautiful work of art. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh how I agree with Michelle! I LOVE this, Susan!!! First I see the lovely cracks, then color ... oh, the beautiful imperfections ... it speaks to me of a great and lonely sadness... but art is as with poetry, each piece will whisper and resonate so very differently with each individual soul.

    Have a blessed and blissful weekend! :)

  3. Thanks Michelle & Paula. Husbands can be totally there and totally unaware, huh?
    Paula, I didn't mail your piece until Wed., but I hope you've received it now. Your poetry makes me believe again. In everything.

  4. Susan it's beautiful!! Greece is such an inspiration for artists! maybe we can get together next time you visit :)
    My husband is an engineer and computer geek so he always finds something "wrong" with my work! I don't show him anything anymore!! lol
    he only likes my blog because it has to do with computers!!lol

  5. Oh, the shutters are what pop out to me, and I love them!

  6. Good Afternoon Susan!
    Your LOVELY painting arrived toady!!! :))) OH, it has sooooooooooo made my Monday!!! I LOVE it!!!! It was beautiful on your blog, but more so in person! The window is enchanting ... the blue so reminds me of the waters of Florida ... ever so peaceful. I am trying to read the sign on the door, can you tell me what it says?

    I can't thank you enough for sharing your artful talent with me ... I am truly honored and humbled that you would bestow upon me such a great gift. I thank you, from the depth of my heart!!! You are a kindred spirit, my sweet southern friend!

    I wish you a week that is overflowing with an abundant of peace and contentment in your heart and soul ...
    Most fondly,

  7. I really, really like your colors! But I don't quite see the clam shell ;)

  8. Thanks to your husband I can improve my horrible English. I had to look up "calm" in my dictionary. :-)
    As I say... the men are useful... ehm... sometimes. ;-)
    Your picture is great, of course!!! :-)

  9. I am really tired!! No "calm" but "clam"!!! :))) Maybe a calm clam.:))))