Friday, April 16, 2010

Fabulous GIVEAWAY at:

My very, VERY talented friend Andrea is giving away a blank journal very similar to the one you see here (which she gave to a very grateful me).
A picture of the actual journal is posted on her blog. The rest of her blog is just as fabulous, so if you are interested (and who wouldn't be) you can check out the details at:
Definitely worth the trip.
Happy Friday!


  1. SUSAN!! OMG - LOL - thanks for posting this, I figured I had a lonely blog and a couple bribes to get people are such a good friend. Thank you
    PS The next journal I send you will have a thinner cover so I can use eyelets on it! I'll send you a strip of that material so you can tie it around the one you have to keep it shut ;)

  2. Andrea, who WOULDN'T want to have this journal? And you should have more people looking at your blog and appreciating your work.

  3. Yep, it's lovely! No ribbon necessary. :) Thanks for the comment Susan. I need to add more pictures to mi blog!!! I just have a little trouble doing it. :) Yours is veRy fun!

  4. Cool--I'll hop over and have a look!

  5. Oh, it is such a nice thing. Really lovely. :-)